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18U HP Boys - Maverick Mustangs : Player Profile

Alexandre Nsakanda

Sac à dos, Alex N
Position: Rightside
Nickname: Sac à dos, Alex N
Height: 6'5
Spike Touch: 11'10.5
Block Touch: 10'8
Standing Reach: 8'5
Volleyball Resumé:

I've been playing Volleyball since I was in grade 6. And now, I've been playing competitive Volleyball in the Maverick for the past 5 years. (13u Broncos, 14u Bandits, 15u Wildcards and 16u Longhorns and 17u Rangers) This will be my 6th year playing with the Maverick. Personal accomplishments: -Team Ontario (2015) -Youth National Select (2015) -Youth National Team (2016)

Favourite Volleyball Moment: -Winning 1st place in 15u Provincials 2014-Making Team Ontario (2015)-Making Team Canada Youth Select (2015)-Making the Youth National Team (2016)
Favourite Quote:

To be number 1, you have to train like you're number 2.

Favourite Band: J.Cole & Kendrick Lamar & Drake
Biggest Influence:

-My family -My Coaches -National Volleyball Righsides around the world (Matt Anderson, Mariusz Wlazly, Gavin Schmitt, Wallace de Souza, Bartosz Kurek etc.)

Grade Average: 85%
Career Life Goals:

-Touch at least 12ft -Have a vertical around 45 inches (currently at 41 inches) -Play for the Canada Games (2017) -Play for the Junior National Team -Play Volleyball in University -Make the Senior National Canadian Volleyball Team

5 Year Plan:

Get my undergrad.

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“ We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ”
– Aristotle
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