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18U Girls (HP) Shotguns : Player Profile

Devon von Eicken

Position: Middle
Nickname: Devs
Height: 176 cm
Spike Touch: 271.8 cm
Block Touch: 259.1 cm
Standing Reach: 227 cm
Volleyball Resumé:

Played volleyball since 7th grade on my school volley team. 2nd year playing Mavericks. Played on the HP team last year.

Favourite Volleyball Moment: Trying out for the Mavericks 15U Comp team, yet making the Mavericks 15U HP team.
Favourite Quote:

"Don't follow your dreams, lead them."

Biggest Influence:

Laura Hanrahan, Kiata Butlin-Woo, Sabrina Roy

Grade Average: 92
Career Life Goals:

Veterinarian / Military doctor.

5 Year Plan:

Continue volleyball with the mavs until 18U.

- Go to university and study medicine.

Coaching Staff

coaching staff will be posted shortly!

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