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18U Boys - Maverick Mustangs : Player Profile

Maxime St-Denis

Goofball McGee, Maximus
Position: Setter
Nickname: Goofball McGee, Maximus
Height: 6''1'
Spike Touch: 10''6'
Block Touch: 9'10
Standing Reach: 8'0
Volleyball Resumé:

I have been playing volleyball with my dad since I have been very little.

Played with Young Mavs, 13U Bronco for 2 years, 14U Bandits, 15u Wildcards and 16u Longhorns, 17u Rangers and 18U Mustangs.

I also play beach volleyball with my older brother who's also on the team.

Favourite Volleyball Moment:

Too many to list...

Favourite Quote:

There is no glory in practice, but without practice there is no glory. -unkown

Favourite Band: Selena Gomez
Biggest Influence:

My parents, friends and coaches

Grade Average: 85%
Career Life Goals:

I would like to win provincials and go to national finals again with my club team.

I want to make the Regional Team,Team Ontario and go to the Canada Games.

5 Year Plan:

Play a lot of sports and train hard.

Get my school mark as high as I can.

Work really hard in the Sports-Études program at school for the next 3 years.

Get a scolarship in athletics (volleyball) and/or academics (physio) at an NCAA school or at a Canadian University. 

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“ There is always room at the top. ”
– Daneil Webster
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