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18U Boys (HP) Mustangs : Player Profile

Ryan Toonders

Position: Middle / Right side
Nickname: Toonders
Height: 198.12cm
Spike Touch: 341.63cm
Block Touch: 309.88cm
Standing Reach: 255cm
Volleyball Resumé:

-Mav's 2010-2011

-Region 6 volleyball

-Mav's 17u Desperados

               -Penn State champions

               -silver medalist at nationals

-E.S.C B-D school volleyball team

          junior - 2009-2010

          senoir - 2010-2011

                         -Bronze medal ``AAA Boys Volleyball``

         senior - 2011-2012


Favourite Volleyball Moment:

Winning gold at Penn State and getting a silver medal at nationals tier 1 div 1

Favourite Quote:

- The other team is only as good as you allow them to be.

-Never settle for less than your best.

Favourite Band: A bit of everything
Biggest Influence: My amazing 2010 school team mates, Bruno Lortie, Brandon Baker, Marc Begin who have unbelievable skill and coach Chantal Lefebvre who encouraged me to play club and become a better player.
Grade Average: 85%
Career Life Goals:

Get a degree in electrical engineering and to live life.

5 Year Plan:

-To live the dream of playing volleyball and getting a university education at the same time.

-To play with the best and to be one of the best!

Coaching Staff

coaching staff will be posted shortly!

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“ It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference. ”
– Paul "Bear" Bryant
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