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18U Girls (HP) Shotguns : Player Profile

Shainah Joseph

Shain, Shay,
Position: Left side
Nickname: Shain, Shay,
Height: 183 cm
Spike Touch: 320 cm
Block Touch: 296 cm
Standing Reach: 243 cm
Volleyball Resumé:

2007/2008 - My first experience playing volleyball was on the Franco-Cité team in grade 7.

2008/2009- I played on the 8th grade volleyball team for Franco-Cité. We won the Provincial Francophone Championships.

2009/2010-  I played on the Junior team at Franco-Cité, and we won the Provincial Francophone Championships, and the Junior NCSSAA Championships.

2009/2010- I played my first year of club volleyball on the 16U HP Maverick Outlaws. That year we were Tier 1 Provincial silver medalists.

2010/2011- I played on the 18U HP Mavericks Shotguns team for my second year of club volleyball.

2011- I played on the 18U Ontario Provincial Team. We won a silver medal at the National Team Challenge Cup.

2011/2012- I played my second year playing on the 18U HP Maverick Shotguns.

2012- I played on the 18U Ontario Provincial Team.

2012- I played on the women's Junior National Team for Canada.

2012/2013- I am currently playing my third year on the 18U HP Mavericks Shotguns team.

Favourite Volleyball Moment:

My favourite volleyball moment was playing on Canada's Junior National Team summer of 2012. We went to the USA High performance tournament in Iowa. It was my first tournament in the states and my first experience playing against international teams. The best moment of all that was playing against Dominican Republic, they were such a tough team, unfortunately we lost in 5.

Favourite Quote:

"Motivation gets you going, Discipline keeps you going" -Pascal Lacroix

"We are what we repeatedly do. Exellence then, is not an act, but a habit"


"It's not about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!" -Rocky Balboa

"We didn't lose the game; We just ran out of time"-Vince Lombardi

Favourite Band: Black Eyed Peas and Angels and Airwaves
Biggest Influence: Sarah Pavan, Gabriele Jobst and Leslie Irie
Grade Average: 85 %
Career Life Goals:

Although I'm not too sure what I be when i grow up, I do know that I am interested in health sciences. Eventually when I get to University (Class of 2013) i will have a better idea.

I would like to get a scholarship and also play university volleyball.

After university, before I start my life career, I would like to play professional volleyball overseas; and also have the opportunity to play on the National Team.

When i get too old to play volleyball i will start my life career and coach volleyball teams.

5 Year Plan:
  • I would like to play for the Mavericks for another two years,
  • Finish High school and perhaps receive a sports scholarship,
  • Attend University and;
  • Work hard to make the Canadian National Team and Qualify to go to the Olympics.
Coaching Staff

coaching staff will be posted shortly!

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