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17U Girls (HP) BlackJacks : Player Profile

Gabrielle Robert

Position: Middle/Power
Nickname: Gab
Height: 5'9
Volleyball Resumé:

School volleyball since Grade 4

Spikes and Young Mavs

5 years of Competitive/ High Performance volleyball with Mavericks 

Competitive Beach with Mavericks 2011 

Sportscan Volleyball Training 2011

Max Volley recreational 2012

Volleyball Position Camp (2012, 2013)

Favourite Volleyball Moment:

Going to the All-Canada Nationals in Toronto at the Covention Center!

Favourite Quote:

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.


Favourite Band: One Direction
Biggest Influence:

My Family 

Grade Average: 88%
Career Life Goals:

Become a lawyer

5 Year Plan:

Go to University and hopefully law school!

Continue playing volleyball with Mavs until 18U

Obtain the next level in OVA reffing 

Coaching Staff

coaching staff will be posted shortly!

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