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16U Girls - Maverick Gamblers : Player Profile

Kiana Pilon

Position: Power
Nickname: Kia
Height: 5'5 (165cm)
Volleyball Resumé:

School Teams; • Grade 6 - School Team at Sainte Geneviève Elementary School. • Grade 8 - Intermediate Team at Franco-Cité High School. • Grade 9 - Junior Team and Volleyball concentration at Franco-Cité High School. Clubs; • 15U Mavericks Trailblazers - (Competitive A). • 16U Mavericks Gamblers - (Competitive A). •16U Maverick Gamblers - (Competitive A).

Favourite Volleyball Moment: Accomplishing to successfully deliver my jump serves, consistently.
Favourite Quote:

Serve tough, pass well, hit hard & dig deep.

Grade Average: 90.87% (4+)
Coaching Staff

coaching staff will be posted shortly!

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