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16U Girls - Maverick Wildcards : Player Profile

Robin Andersen

Position: Right side/Setter
Height: 5'4
Spike Touch: 9’1.5”
Block Touch: 8'8.5”
Volleyball Resumé: I've played on my school team from grade six to present. This is my third season with mavs and before that I did young mavs. I've also played beach volleyball, participated in several maverick summer camps, and broaden your horizons.
Favourite Volleyball Moment: Getting a big block is the best feeling in the world.
Favourite Quote: Prove them wrong.
Favourite Band: Backstreet Boys
Biggest Influence: My family who has supported me no matter what
Grade Average: 89%
5 Year Plan: Graduate High School and Attend the University of Waterloo to become an urban planner and continue to play volleyball.
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“ To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe. ”
– Anatole
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