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16U Girls - Maverick Aces : Player Profile

Jordan Faig

Favourite Quote:

I'm am not a perfect girl, My hair doesn't always stay in place, I spill a lot of things and I'm really clumsy, But when I think about it and take a step back, That maybe I like being, Imperfect. We all fear rejection, Want attention, Crave affection, And dream of perfection. Doing what you love is freedom And Liking what you do is happiness

Favourite Band: One Direction, 5sos, Selena Gomez,
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“ When you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind, and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. ”
– Phyllis Bottome
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