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16U Girls - Maverick Gamblers : Player Profile

Rachel Chu

Position: Setter
Height: 5'7
Volleyball Resumé:

- Participated in Young Mavs in Grade 5, 6 and 7; - Played for Broadview PS in Grade 7 and 8; - Played for Maverick Desperados 14U 2015-2016; - Play for Colonel By SS 2016-2017; - Play for Maverick Pioneers 15U 2016-2017.

Favourite Volleyball Moment: Winning Tier 2 Division 1 National East Bronze with Desperados in May 2016!
Favourite Quote:

I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas Edison

Favourite Band: Halsey (at this moment)
Biggest Influence:

My parents have been my role models.

Grade Average: 95
Career Life Goals:

We'll see what the future holds. ;) Opportunities will come for those who are prepared.

5 Year Plan:

I'm currently in the IB program at Colonel By, and I plan to become an all-around top graduate from the school. I hope to be accepted in a top-notch university (Ivy League...maybe?)

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– Phyllis Bottome
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