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16U Boys - Maverick Longhorns & Bulls : Player Profile

Liam Arnold-Paquette

Position: Right Side
Height: 5'11
Volleyball Resumé:

Young Mavs Programs -- 3 years Competitively with the Mavericks (I played up in 13u) -- 1 Year 15u Pre HP -- 1 Year 16u High Performance -- 4 Years of High School volleyball

Favourite Volleyball Moment: My first block. I was quite short at the time and barely got over the net, but somehow I did, and got my first block while in a game, with one hand, since I didn't really know what I was doing, but it was really exhilarating.
Biggest Influence:

My brother was THE reason I started volleyball. As a kid I watched him play, and I remember during timeouts, or in between sets my father and I would run onto the court with the game ball and pass it back and forth. I haven't stopped playing sin

Grade Average: 85%
5 Year Plan:

I plan to progress with volleyball, and never quit. I hope to get to a level where I might get recruited to a University team, and follow whatever route I choose to follow career wise, while continuing volleyball.

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