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18U Girls - Maverick Colts : Player Profile

Gabrielle Rioux

Position: NA
Nickname: Gabby
Height: 5'6''
Volleyball Resumé:

I've been playing volleyball since 3rd grade in Young Mavericks and have continued playing there until I went to the tryouts for 13U in 2013. I started participating in the school volleyball team in 3rd grade and have continued doing so every year until I finshed primary school.

Favourite Volleyball Moment: My favorite volleyball moment was participating in the Provincials 2 years ago in 13U.
Favourite Quote:

I am lucky best friends dot have price tags. If they did, I could never afford someone like you.

Favourite Band: One Republic
Biggest Influence:

My biggest influence is my family who all play volleyball and have helped me and encouraged me in playing volleyball.

Grade Average: 4
Career Life Goals:

My career goals are to become an author or an actress.

5 Year Plan:

My five year plan is to keep playing volleyball and get good grades to go to a good university.

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