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17U Girls - Maverick Eldorado : Player Profile

Alexanne Blacquiere

Position: Middle
Nickname: Alex
Height: 5`8
Volleyball Resumé:

- Started playing in 4th grade
- 2 volleyball camps
- 13U rattlers (award of excellence)
- School volleyball team

Don't forget that you are now playing on the ELDORADO with ...................................

COACH MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favourite Volleyball Moment: -When my team and I win at a tournament
Favourite Quote:

"Stars can't shine without darkness"

Biggest Influence:

-Friends and family

Grade Average: 90%
Career Life Goals:

-Medical field

5 Year Plan:

-Graduate high school -Study in the medical field -Be part of a university or a college volleyball team

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“ Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ”
– Ralph Waldo Emmerson
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