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18U Girls - Maverick Broncos : Player Profile

Angella Sineus

Position: Leftside/Setter
Nickname: Savage
Height: 5'4
Volleyball Resumé:

Played since grade 4, Played for 13U Rattlers, 14U Revolvers, 15U Colts, and now 16U Wildcards

Favourite Volleyball Moment: Last season at provs, when I got new shoes, I went playing with them because I'm a savage and I ended up doing the splits in the middle of the game cause I didn't break into them. It's my favourite moment because it was probably the most embarrassing one.
Favourite Quote:

Coach Pat's famous 3R's "Relax, Review, Refocus"

Favourite Band: Dana Jessen's singing
Biggest Influence:

My brother

Career Life Goals:

Sports physician

5 Year Plan:


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