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15U Girls - Maverick Scouts : Coach Profile

Joanne Faucher

Team: 15U Girls - Maverick Scouts
Nickname: Jo
Certification Level: Level 1
Playing History:

I've been playing volleyball for 34 years now, and still enjoy it. There was no club volleyball in those days, so I started in grade 9 as part of my highschool team. Today, many girls already have 2-3 years' experience by the time they are in grade 9, which I think is amazing.

Coaching Resumé:

This is my third year coaching, and I still love it. Playing the sport and teaching are two very different things, and I have no doubt I'll be learning how to do it better for many years to come.

Coaching Philosophy:

I think sports should be fun, although a competitive team also needs to maintain a certain level of discipline. I'm sure I'll be working on finding that balance throughout my coaching career.

Current Career: Director, Project Management Office, Federal Government
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– Billie Jean King
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