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High Performance Program / Glenn Hoag Clinic
10 Volleyball Tips learned by the 16U HP players at the Glenn Hoag Clinic
Hugo Curley
1. You have to learn to be alert when you're on the court; you have to gather information about your team and the opponent's team all the time in order to have options at your disposal to react.
Robby Earl
2. There are lots of opportunities all over the world for a volleyball player; not just at Canadian universities and on the national team. There are pro teams of all level all over the world.
Chris Spack
3. It's not about just one thing (Having a good hit or a killer serve) It's importance to have a holistic approach to your development. At our age we need to try to perfect all aspects of the game. This is what is really important.
Philippe Yeldon
4. Work as hard as you can but in every aspect of your life. Not just volleyball. As a right side I need to learn how to hit from back row. I can see how it is efficient and lots of university teams use this tactic.
Mitchell Clark
5. As you get the set, it's important for the hitter to look at how the defence is set up. The hitter should always be looking for the holes in the defence. You can't just try to get past the blockers; you need to find the weakness on the floor.
André Bégin
6. Drills should focus on stimulating learning by being simple to execute and remaining extremely efficient.
Josh Dalphy
7. Concentration is key, no matter how difficult or challenging your day is, you need to concentrate and get into the zone. This will permit you to learn and develop at a faster rate.
Daniel Campeau
8. We're still young; the peak for a volleyball player is around 27. At our age we need to work on all the fundamental. It's about process not winning games.
Stasys Fidleris
9. Volleyball is one of the most complex sports in the world. Dedication and patience is required to master the technically complex fundamentals and the tactical aspects.
Max Carmanico
10. It's normal to make mistake when you are in a learning process. Coaches should teach skills through application with positive coaching support that reinforced the learning immediately with the players.
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