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From the First Chair Podcast Officially Launched

2018 / 03 / 04


From the First Chair Podcast is Officially Launched !!


It is with great enthusiasm that the Maverick Volleyball Club launches its very own podcast. From the First Chair Podcast is hosted by Frank St-Denis & Thierry Lavigne and the goal of the show is to create positive and constructive conversations related to coaching volleyball, lifelong learning and everything in between. An episode will be released bi-weekly and a particular topic will be discussed with a special guest each time. A particular emphasis will be placed on resource sharing, successful strategies and improving coaching skills. 
The concept of an MVC podcast came to be since the majority of our club coaches travel to tournaments and perhaps they will listen to an episode en route to an event each time. Of course, you may prefer to listen to an episode at home or elsewhere. Whatever suits you, adding this tool will surely stimulate some worthwhile volleyball reflections and perhaps even some changes to your coaching style. If you are curious and would like to get a taste of FTFC, we have included episodes 1 & 2 in links below.  You can also find our podcasts by subscribing on iTunes, Stitcher or PodBean. We encourage you to share the podcast with fellow coaches, athletes and friends. 
Episode 1 - The Intro Pod
Episode 2 - A Coach's Purpose with Kerry MacLean
Other links to our episodes :
Should you have feedback after listening to an episode, you would like to hear about a particular topic or if you would like to be a guest on the show, don't hesitate to contact

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– Marabel Morgan
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