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Club News Story

Make it 6 x Top 3 Finishes after Bugarski Cup

2018 / 02 / 24

Who wants to drive to the metropolis of Peterborough? Well not during freezing rain at least. That being said, our team has been treated to locally hosted events from December through February so no complaints here.

The Bugarski Cup was the event and the Maverick Eldorado were eager to test their recent focus on emotional control and focusing on the process versus the outcome. Match 1 was against Pegasus Black from Kingston. The match was extremely one sided and featured a very dialed in Eldorado team that looked very impressive to start the day dispatching their opponents 2-0. Now the second match was one the girls were looking forward to against Durham Attack Black. The previous two matches they had played this season went to three sets and everyone expected something closely contested. Well the Eldorado switched on the competitive fire and absolutely dominated in every area of the match. This match was a very emphatic 2-0 win for the girls which won the pool and secured a quarterfinal berth.

The quarters did not start out as smoothly as the previous two matches. The Durham Attack Red were playing up and had nothing to lose. They were seemingly throwing their bodies across the court at the ball and doing an admirable job defending the big attacks from our girls. However, the pressure being put on by the Eldorado would eventually break down their opponents and they moved on to the semifinals with another 2-0 win. In the semis the Eldorado met DRVC who they had yet to play this season. In the first set our girls took a little while to figure out their opponent which was very tough given that they were very athletic and not as technical. The first set went back and forth until the Eldorado finally squeezed out a 27-25 win in their first truly contested set all day. The next set was more to the tune of the tournament performance thus far as the girls cruised to the final 2-0 yet again. What a great accomplishment for this group to play everyone and get to the final without shortening the bench in any way.

The final was against a very talented, and finally healthy Scarborough Titans team. Earlier this season the two teams had met, but the Titans were facing injury woes and when the Eldorado won the sentiment around the OVA was that it was only due to the injuries that our girls were victorious. In a bid to disprove that idea, the Eldorado went toe-to-toe with a healthy and talented Titans team for three sets. The final point of the match was a 31 in the middle that our RS blocker had read and nearly stuffed but the ball trickled through her fingers. That was all that separated these two teams this day, and the Eldorado certainly backed up their early season performance and validated their place in the OVA heading into Provincial Championships.

So another medal, Silver, which makes six top 3 finishes this season. However, the best and most fulfilling takeaway from this event isn’t the wins, the medal or the points, it is the consistency and emotional control the group showed all day while executing at a high level. Next up for the Eldorado is a trip down to the Bayou. The girls will be competing against the best of the South East US at the Governors Games in New Orleans in a few short weeks. Watch out for the Gators.

“ Whoever I am, or whatever I am doing, some kind of excellence is within my reach. ”
– John W. Gardner