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Club News Story

Challenge Cup Woes

2017 / 12 / 02

It was the first time for so many on our roster to play an OVA tour event at home. Although that meant a short drive to Casselman, the Eldorado were pumped to be in front of family and friends.

The first match of the day saw our girls pitted against a DRVC 16U team fresh off their promotion to the Championship Division. The girls found it difficult to adjust to a team that relished playing out-of-system volleyball, but were able to manage the obstacle and dispatched their opponents in straight sets. The second match was the exact opposite. The Scarborough Titans were the defending 4th seed from last season's Ontario Championships that presented a completely different challenge. The first set was a learning experience. The Titans made pretty easy work of our girls as we didn't really have an answer for their service pressure and left side attack. In the second set the Mavs started to pick up their level of play and took the win in a much closer affair. In the third and deciding set, the girls showed their metal and ran away to a lop sided victory. This meant 1st place in their pool and a quality win against a quality opponent.

In the quarter-finals, a place we have known to overlook the girls faced off against the Scarborough Titans Integrated team that also played a lot of out of system volleyball. The key difference was that they had some strong attackers that used their beach skills to make things difficult. In the end, our athletes pushed through for a 2-0 victory and a trip to the semi-finals.

In the semis the girls faced a familiar foe with an adjusted game plan. The first two sets were split in somewhat close contests. The athleticism and competitiveness of the Markham Thundercats was certainly their strength. They stayed in rallies with strong defensive contacts and a determined mind set. In the third set the Eldorado were up 13-11 with what looked like a point in hand to make it 14-11. Unfortunately for us the call wasn't in our favour. What will forever be known as the "Antennae Call" changed the momentum and mentality of the match. from 14-11 it went to 12-13 and a rushed whistle by the official had quick passing error and tied the match. The girls fought; however, they inevitably lost 15-17 and were denied the opportunity to meet the Goldrush in what could have been an All-Mavs final.

The bronze medal game was next, and unfortunately our opponents, the Scarborough Titans had racked up too many injuries throughout the day to compete and forfeited the match handing the bronze medal to the Eldorado in what was a bittersweet outcome. To make things worse, both teams that were in the final were promoted to Premier for the next event.

The girls have used this as fuel to continue training and refining their game for the next opportunity they will have to make an impact.

A great performance by all and an excellent outcome for the group as they continue to grow and unite as a team.

“ The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club wont be worth a dime.  ”
– Babe Ruth