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Club News Story

Gatineau Takeover

2017 / 11 / 26

An early Sunday morning saw our Eldorado in exhibition competition with our neighbours in Gatineau, les Griffons. The first of two matches was against the Griffons 17U team. This was initially a tight contest. Both teams were scoring and the first set was relatively even; however, our girls were just settling in. Soon the bombs and ball movement started and it was happys days from there onward as the Eldorado defeated the Griffons 17U 3-0 and in very convincing fashion.

The next match was the one that we came for. A test against a physically strong Griffons 18U group who poses a very significant threat to the 11-1 record the Eldorado walked into the match with. The first set featured a signature slow start from our girls and the Griffons 18U maintained the gap until 25 and won the first set. The second set was the worst start to date and had the Griffons 18U up 10-0... yes 10-0. Needless to say there needed to be a wake up call... and there was. After a timeout the team began what could be described as a very physical take over of the match. Big blocks, huge digs, great setting, and finishes from all attacking positions. At 23-23 after two incredible digs by Kat, a ball was set to Koko by Janelle and the gym went crazy. Koko crushes the ball down the line, packing the defender to cap a intense back and forth rally. This was the turning point. The Eldorado won the second set 26-24 and then cruised in the third 15-9. This was an incredible test of mental resolve and willingness to compete. The girls moved their record to 12-1 and now prepare for their next OVA tournament in a very stacked field on Dec 2nd.

Great job ladies on overcoming adversity and having success against some strong opponents.

“ It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference. ”
– Paul "Bear" Bryant