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Club News Story


2017 / 11 / 03

The excitement of Nike and our first new uniforms in 4 years was palpable in the air. Team photos in our new and uniquely Maverick Xrtion uniforms along with training shirts, clothes and bags supplied through T.Litzens sports made the night feel like Christmas came early. New Maverick banners were unvieled for future events and teams trained and planned for their season all in the same night.

At 7:30 though everything stopped as club president Kerry MacLean gave yet another emotional speech, nothing new there, about family and community and what the club has meant to him for these 33 years. Joined by Jacob Emmanuel and Mandy Arsenault of C.H.E.O.when Jacob began to speak to the athletes present about his experiences with both the MAVS and his time at C.H.E.O., MacLean was visibly moved.

Jacob was a promising 15u Wildcard (yes back then they were boys) when he was diagnosed with a tumour on his brain. Surgery was required and it was touch and go for the Doyle family who were loyal dedicated Maverick supporters. We had no idea how and if Jacob would recover. So for MacLean to see Jacob push his walker aside and stride up unassisted to speak to the crowd about how his Maverick training was something he used as a source of determination to get back to his feet and with us tonight. The staff and facilities at CHEO were instrumental in Jacob's recovery. For long time Maverick Simon Doyle; this was a moment of joy for his younger brother to return home. I want to thank the Doyle's for making this incredible moment possible, and CHEO for agreeing to allow us to use their Logo this season on our try-out shirts, but mostly Jacob-Emmanuel for his determination to be a role model for all of us when it comes to determination and spirit.

The record numbers at try-outs lead directly to a donation of $2150 on your behalf, of course a record in and of itself.

“ Nobody's a natural. You work hard to get good and then work hard to get better. ”
– Paul Coffey
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