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Club News Story

Passing the Warrior Way

2014 / 10 / 02

Thursday night, 2 Oct 2014, the newly-formed 16U Maverick Longhorns team is warmed up and ready to go. They’re a keen bunch and ready to learn from guest coach, Chris Lawson, Head Coach for the men's team of the University of Waterloo. Coach Lawson has also worked with the provincial team program and HPC for more than 10 years. The guys are joined by the two 17U Maverick teams and the Fusion 18U team. 

The evening provided an opportunity to have the guys hear the tips and skills from another voice, perhaps with a slightly different perspective. As it turned out, most if not all of the coaching tips received were not new to the guys, but the evening did serve to reinforce some concepts.

Some quick notes on what was reinforced:

Starting Position – It’s essential to have a stance that creates a good balance between stability and mobility. Having the feet shoulder-width apart gives stability, while the placement of feet – facing forward & ever-so-slightly pigeon toed – allows for mobility.

Attack the ball - Chris pointed out that the body’s balance should always be with the ball. That is, when the ball is on the right, your weight should be on the right – Attack rather than being passive and off balance.

Footwork - Short, dynamic footwork is needed Chris shared a great exercise to encourage fast footwork: From the starting position, take two balls and try balancing them, one on top of the other. The only way to succeed in this drill is by using short, dynamic steps, always keeping the toes forward.

All things considered, it was a great evening of volleyball. The boys walked away with a good reminder of what sound fundamentals need to look like to have success at the club level and beyond.

Thank you to Coach Chris Lawson for taking time from his busy schedule to come and help our boys become better volleyball players.

“ The future depends on what we do in the present. ”
– Mahatma Ghandi
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