Triple Ball…Three times the Fun!

Bruce Dunning is a teacher at Rideau High School. Bruce is one of most respected and knowledgeable club coaches in the province. He is fully certified Level 2 and 3 Technical. Bruce was part of the Maverick 18U HP Boys coaching staff and his now coaching 14U girls. Prior to this he was Head Coach for Algonquin College and for several Regional Teams and Assistant Coach for the Provincial Team. Bruce’s coaching philosophy is: Hard Work, Discipline and Respect!

By Bruce Dunning

When my daughter approached me two years ago about the possibility of starting club volleyball the next fall and asked if I would stop working with the 18U boys teams and switch to 13U girls, I was both happy and apprehensive.  Happy that she was interested enough in the sport I love to want to play club ball, but nervous at the thought of moving out of my comfort zone and working with a different age group and gender.   

To complicate matters further for me, the OVA had decided to implement a new competition format for this age group—Triple Ball.   In this format the following modifications are applied.

The game follows a sequence of three rallies (service, free ball 1 and free ball 2).

  • 1st rally – introduced by the server
  • 2nd rally – free ball given to the receiving team
  • 3rd rally – free ball given to the serving team.
  1. Every ball introduced is worth one point.
  2. The service rotates between teams after each three ball sequence.
  3. There is no specialization and each team must state prior to the game if position 2 or 3 will be the designated setter. 
  4. The lineup for the match includes the entire team and each time they rotate the person in position 1 goes to the bench and a new player enters in position 6.   At the start of each of the subsequent games, the rotational order must be maintained with the same girls who finished the last game on the floor to begin. 

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Why you should believe in the “Long Term Athlete Development program”?

By Francois St-Denis : Francois is Maverick Volleyball's High Performance Program director, he is also the sport-etude volleyball teacher at Ecole secondaire publique Louis-Riel. Francois truly believe that sports are much more than just a game. There are an ideal medium to teach the pursuit of excellence. Therefore coaching requires that he assure each individual realizes their full potential both on and off the court

By Francois St-Denis

Canada went from being a two time host of the Olympic Games without any gold medals (1976, 1988) to a powerhouse. Indeed, as the hosting nation, Canada now has the record for the most gold medal wins during a winter olympics (2010). Similarly, the Mavericks Volleyball Club went about its business for twenty years without winning a single provincial or national championship. In the last three years, it won one provincial championship and four national championships. What was the catalyst for such drastic changes?  An innovative program called Athlete’s Long Term Development. Continue reading

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The Second Contact in Volleyball – Reflections on the 2010 Women’s World Championship

Julien Boucher is the High Performance Director for Volleyball Canada. A coach for many years at different levels, namely with Team Canada Men's volleyball and as a professional coach in France, Julien has also served as the Technical Director for the Ontario Volleyball Association and la Fédération de Volleyball du Québec.

By Julien Boucher

Many coaches will tell you, likely with reason, that the most important contact in modern volleyball is the first one. The serve, the reception and the block are the key elements which “define” a team. One must understand however that it is mathematically impossible to win a set by scoring points uniquely through our service reception phase. A team must therefore, in its service phase, force its opponent to give up the point or score the point themselves. Hence the importance of a coherent counter-attack and the need for perfect execution after successfully defending the first attack.

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Do Efficient Grocery Shoppers Make Great Coaches?

Mr. Jeff Mooney coached the Maverick Volleyball High Performance 18u boys' team to a National Championship. His experience brings phenomenal discipline to coaching while teaching young athletes how to achieve their personal aspirations. Mr. Mooney is currently Maverick Volleyball Technical Director.

By Jeff Mooney

I have always found my visit to the grocery store an interesting situation.  Each and every time I go to the grocery store I can’t help but notice how many people spend their time walking up and down every isle with no idea of what they are looking for. They will walk up and down 3 or 4 isles, not picking up a single item… or better yet they will revisit the same isle multiple times with out picking up an item.  I am confident in saying that some of these people will get home and realize they forgot to pick up half the things they went to the store for… and yes I bet you more times than not those items are  in the very isles in which they walked up and down many times. It is amazing how going to a grocery store with something as simple as a written list can not only ensure you leave with everything you need, but also speed up the time in which it takes you to do so.  If you are a coach and are not using any form of seasonal planning, I am very confident in saying that you “walk the isles” wasting much of your valuable time.  

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Volleyball’s Key to Success: The Forearm Pass

By Thierry Lavigne : Thierry is a teacher and coach at ESC Franco-Cité sports-étude program. Following a year in France to play at the professional level, Thierry Lavigne is back in the Ottawa region to start his teaching and coaching career, eager to share his passion and knowledge with young athletes. Thierry is also coaching the Boys 15U Maverick Volleyball team.

Volleyball’s Key to Success: The Forearm Pass (or Bump Pass)

I firmly believe that the forearm pass is the most important technique in our game. Considering that it is used a lot for the first contact (serve reception, defensive play, easy ball), the forearm pass must be mastered early on in the player’s development. This technique is much harder to master than it looks. Here are some common mistakes that I’ve noticed when observing young volleyball players trying to learn this technique:

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