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Serving and the Learning Principle of Distributed Practice

By James Sneddon When I was asked to write a blog on serving, a personal story immediately came to mind.  I was playing for a European team and it was late in the season and we were preparing for playoffs.   … Continue reading

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Training Young Setters

By Patrick Corriveau:  The setter in volleyball is often compared to the quarterback in football.  With the responsibility for making all the decisions for offensive distribution, there is no position on the team that is more influential on the outcome … Continue reading

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Volleyball’s Key to Success: The Forearm Pass

Volleyball’s Key to Success: The Forearm Pass (or Bump Pass) I firmly believe that the forearm pass is the most important technique in our game. Considering that it is used a lot for the first contact (serve reception, defensive play, … Continue reading

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Importance of a Functional Warm-up

By Martin Poirier, Maverick Volleyball Trainer for Competitive and High Performance Teams Document 1: Maverick Functional Warm-up – List of Exercises by Martin Poirier Document 2: Description of Maverick Functional Warm Up Exercises with Photos by Martin Poirier Efficient mobility … Continue reading

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How to Effectively Use Competition to Develop Athletes

Too often players, coaches and parents over emphasize competition between teams as “the method” to achieve the competitive edge and use this as the only method or measuring stick identifying competitive progress.

To develop the “competitive edge”, it is important to create an environment that is not only challenging, allows a little creativity and experimentation but must also be stimulating and fun. Athletes must buy into and understand the various ways that are used to simulate competition and think of it as a healthy thing and not something that’s going to threaten their existence. They have to understand that the more times they are faced with adversity and the more times they overcome it, will only serve to give them confidence in thinking that anything is achievable through proper preparation and hard work. Continue reading

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