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Time Management – Essential Life Skill For an Athlete

By Pierre Tranchemontagne Time Management Schedule Job. Sports. Extracurricular activities.  School. Boyfriend/girlfriend. Social life.  Welcome to the life of the teenager.  With thoughts of Justin Bieber and Kesha running through their heads, how does this teenager prioritize and organize their … Continue reading

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Training Young Setters

By Patrick Corriveau:  The setter in volleyball is often compared to the quarterback in football.  With the responsibility for making all the decisions for offensive distribution, there is no position on the team that is more influential on the outcome … Continue reading

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Using Offensive Systems to Develop Players

By Jason Trepanier    I was recently at a volleyball conference and watched a presentation on the relatively unheard of 6-3 offensive system. As the session went on I started to realize that it wasn’t being presented as the offensive system … Continue reading

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