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 By Kerry MacLean – Maverick Volleyball President and Coach

That just sounds weird coming from a guy who began playing when the soft touch era and diving and rolling were the “in things” in Volleyball. Fisting your serve to make it float was technically taught and playing a back row penetrating setter was a huge tactical shift. In order to find out about stuff like this you were really forced to go out and discover them on your own. I still remember how embarrassing it was when I tried to hit a quick set at my first OVHSAA All star practice. (How was I to know? I had only seen it done, we never had it explained to us.) But the people in volleyball, I soon discovered, were different. They wanted to help you learn, get better and in turn make our sport better. Co-operative competition, radically different.

Things have come a long way in the sport. There are so many new tactical and technical segments to learn and experience – it is hard to keep up. Thankfully there has been as big a shift in how we communicate with our VB community. In an effort to keep on the frontline of teaching and leading in our sport, the MVC is introducing our on-line volleyball blog. Up to date and loaded with relevant and cutting edge info for everyone and anyone who wants to look in. Join us and share in the experience.

To be totally honest, blogging is something that I am not really familiar with, (looks like it’s time for me to catch up,) but I am excited about the upcoming line-up of topics and how we (the Maverick Volleyball Club) are hopefully going to reach out and touch the volleyball family not only in the area, but provincially and even globally. Keep checking in and you will see input from our National Team head coach Glenn Hoag, former Olympian Paul Gratton, coaching guru François St-Denis and, of course, our own National Championship Coaches.

Let us know if you are looking for specific info, we possibly can find the expert to share what you are looking for. It’s a brave new world and, as far as volleyball goes, you can discover it along with us.

Dig it,

Kerry MacLean
Maverick Volleyball

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6 Responses to Welcome to the Maverick Volleyball Blog!

  1. jed narraway says:

    Would like to know drills (or probably training program in more applicable) to have the athlete hit harder. Frustrating when they are having good set and hit goes to the right places, but is being dug up easily.

  2. Jeff Mooney says:

    Hi Jed,

    There are lots of factors that can go into hitting tempo. From the sounds of it, strength might be a primary source. In attackers I think strength is better measured with arm speed. So a big part of it is in the hitters ability to generate arm speed (much like Club head speed in Golf).

    To help with arm speed you can use a variety of work outs that deal both with the front and rear shoulder muscles (best to talk with a strength and conditioning expert for details).

    Personally one of the things I like to incorporate into my camps and clinics to help encourage the development of arm speed while taking into account the arm action typically used in a Volleyball attack is throwing a football. I find that it encourages the athlete to throw with a high release point, incorporate a wrist snap, and with the weight of the football encourage faster arm speed to generate distance.

    The other contributing factors that might not be strength related, could be the attackers ability to snap their wrist through point of contact, or the timing of their point of attack. Often times we see younger outside hitters miss timing their jump resulting in point of contact occurring when they are on their way down. This will often times result in the attackers shoulders being slightly back at point of attack.

    Hope this helps.

  3. jed narraway says:

    I suspected it was at least a bit related to strength, but moreso on the power aspect of strength. However, often I find with “strong” body types, the muscle mass that allows that strength tends to make the arm movement too tense/stiff creating more of a shotput style instead of the thin arm’s whip style of swing that typically is much harder and faster. However, the thinner individuals may have more slow twitch (long distance) fibers instead of the fast twitch (sprint fibers) required for explosive power. So it seems that it is not necessarily the body type of the athlete, but more of a skill related technique thing. I have seen tall lanky guys bounce the ball to the roof, but I’ve also seen some pretty soft, round guys hit very hard (not as straight down because of the trajectory required to pass the tape, but with blinding speed)So, a drill for snapping the wrist through? What about V-sits or something that incorporates the contraction of the entire front of the body to generate explosive midair exertion? Physiology experts? Reflection on what the hardest hitters were doing right?

  4. jed narraway says:

    I found a really great answer at volleyball1on1. With a free membership tyou have access to a ton of great instructional videos by professional vball players. There is a 6 vid series on hitting harder. I really liked it and am going to incorporate a lot of the exercises into our training program.

  5. Chris Smeaton says:

    Here is an article on developing pitchers armspeeds… I wonder if it could be useful in volleyball:

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